Looking for baseball in NYC
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I am looking for decent afternoon or evening watching a baseball game; without all the rah-rah videos and constant music filling in all the time. The Brooklyn Cyclones have long fallen to this unfortunate trend. I don't need big stars or added entertainment.
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Staten Island Yankees?
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The Broadway Show league starts up soon.
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When I used to live in New York I'd just watch guys play baseball in Central Park.
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I went to a bunch of Staten Island Yankees games a couple years ago and despite my cranky conservative nature didn't find them too crazily overloaded with nonsense. That may have changed, I don't know. It may also have helped that my several game package seats were behind home plate rather than looking across the more active dugout space.
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I've been looking around to see if there's American Legion ball in NYC and didn't find it, but did find the New York Nine.
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The NCAA season isn't over yet. As far as I know college baseball at least in NY doesn't have nearly as many extras as football. Fordham plays its home games in the Bronx. Columbia is at the top of Manhattan. St. John's in Queens. There's also division 2 Queens College in Flushing.
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