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Looking for Halloween-themed, pre-teen ghost mystery from the 80s.

Not sure I can remember the full plot. All I recall is that it was from one of those Mystery-oriented Babysitter's Club-type book series though maybe for a bit younger crowd.

The specific book was a Halloween mystery and involved a ghost that was either the kid's friends or could communicate with them. Maybe there was a computer theme? Anyway, there was a guy putting needles in Halloween candy.

The story effected me so much that I had dreams about it for years afterwards.
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Could it be the Ghost Squad series by E.W. Hildick?
posted by Faint of Butt at 5:28 PM on October 23, 2005

I loved the Ghost Squad books when I was a kid. They were about several young ghosts (all killed as kids) who joined together to solve mysteries, fight crime, etc. As you mentioned, they were able to communicate with the living through computers, by becoming just solid enough to press keys and type. I don't recall any tainted Halloween candy per se, but that could well have been a theme in one of the books.
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Awesome: the book in question is The Ghost Squad and the Halloween Conspiracy.
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Score! Glad I could help.
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