Middle East Conflict Film Suggestions
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Hi There, Can anyone think of movies that deal with Middle East centric conflict from the 60's to now - possibly with one or two female protagonists, issues with child custody, royalty, Arafat? Or any great documentaries that show the 20th century history of the Israeli / Palestinian conflict? Thanks!
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Not Without my Daughter.


Also, just for an interesting change of pace, not about conflict, but a slice of life in Lebanon, Caramel.
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Waltz With Bashir
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The Syrian Bride.
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Late Marriage.
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One Day in September
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Spielberg's Munich.
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The Battle of Algiers is a source of conflict in itself.
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Some great Israeli movies, relevant to this request:

Walk on Water: Following the suicide of his wife, an Israeli intelligence agent is assigned to befriend the grandchildren of a Nazi war criminal.

The Bubble: "The Bubble" is the story of a group of young people who live on trendy Sheinkin Street in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The movie follows the group's difficulties of living in Israel's reality. Their routine breaks when a young Palestinian man enters their lives.

Beaufort: The story of a group of Israeli soldiers stationed in an outpost on the Lebanese border prior to the withdrawal of forces of 2000.

The Gatekeepers: A documentary featuring interviews with all surviving former heads of Shin Bet, the Israeli security agency whose activities and membership are closely held state secrets.
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PBS's Elusive Peace and Fifty Years War.
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Maybe Amreeka?
Muna Farah is a divorced Palestinian Christian mother raising her teenage son Fadi. She works for a bank in Ramallah, part of the West Bank, Palestinian territories. Each day after work, Muna picks up Fadi from school and crosses through an Israeli checkpoint in order to get to their home in Bethlehem. She lives with her aging mother and has occasional visits from her brother Samer. One day after arriving home, Muna discovers that she has been awarded an American green card through the lottery. Although she initially considered declining the offer, Muna reconsiders after she and Fadi are harassed at the checkpoint by Israeli soldiers.
As I recall, more of the movie takes place in America than Palestine, but it still might fit your search.
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The critically acclaimed, award-winning, gripping tale of two would-be suicide bombers Paradise Now
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Also, the wonderfully strange Divine Intervention
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