Give me the amazing travel podcasts
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I have a recently renewed thirst for travel, having read a couple of fantastic travelogues recently. I also have a regular hour-a-day walk to and from work, plus several opportunities to listen to good audio during the day. I'd love to listen to some podcasts on travel, food, language and discovering the world.

The late, lamented Excess Baggage was great, but is now finished. A few caveats - I'm already subscribed to both From Our Own Correspondent and Crossing Continents and would, in any case, prefer more cultural, historical and socially focused podcasts than pure current affairs. Also it would be nice if it had more than a few episodes. I've found a million travel podcasts hosted by flaky backpacker websites that have since folded, so shows with a track record of putting out episodes are preferred.

So where are all the good travel podcasts that make you want to strap on a backpack and go?
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Response by poster: Oh, and I'm already subscribed to Travel with Rick Steves, which is great, if a little Jolly Gee Whiz midwestern for my (Scottish) tastes.
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amateurtraveler, indietravel(backpackery though), state of the reunion podcasts are not bad IMO.
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Response by poster: To clarify, backpackery podcasts are fine. It's just that there's just an awful lot of 'independent traveller' type podcasts that started strong and petered out after a dozen episodes or less. Looking for podcasts with decent staying power. Thanks for these recommendations, I'll check them out.
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