Australian almost/quasi/kinda self-managed super fund?
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I'm a freelancer. I don't yet have enough in my super to make it worthwhile converting to a self managed super fund due to the management costs. Or so I believe. But I figure I have the time to weather some major market wobbles, so I would like my super to be a more aggressive. Is there anyone offering some kind of buffet style super, and with reasonable management fees? The more fine-grained/wider choice the better, though I don't think I need to be picking particular stocks. And if not, I'd be interested in anyone's favourite high growth super funds, or insights into the cost of SMSFs.
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Almost all super funds will have an MIC (Member Investment Choice) arrangement - often to the level of picking individual stocks from the ASX, but generally at least to the option of picking a high-growth option. You really need to check out the PDS.

That said, and as you seem to already grok, a far more important determinant of your super outcome will be the fees applied.


high growth super funds

doesn't really make sense. You want a high-growth investment option, within a low-fee (ie: Industry, not retail, and not a bank product) super fund.

This is general advice, and is not tailored to your needs. Please don't believe me. I am totally lying. I wasn't even here. etc etc.
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Response by poster: "Member Investment Choice". That will help my googling. Thank you.
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