iTunes compilations fix?
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Why does iTunes think that some of my single-artist CDs are compilations, and how do I tell it otherwise?

When I use the "keep iTunes music folder organized," certain CDs by certain artists (say, Luna) are placed in the "compilations" folder. I really like having iTunes organize my stuff, aside from these few exceptions, so hopefully solutions would allow me to keep doing that. If I manually fix them, the next time I have iTunes organize my library, it unfixes them. Any suggestions on how to convince it that it's wrong about certain albums?
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Have the album highlighted. Press command +i. A box will pop up that has the information for the album on it. At the lower left is "part of a compilation". Select "no".
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As for a cause: if you have a guest artist (you know - "artist feat. Soandso"), or Gracenote has faulty data that has slight typos in the artist name, I believe it treats the album as a compilation.
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Response by poster: That was too easy. Thanks, interrobang.
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In the General section of the prefs, de-select the "Group Compilations when browsing" pref. Then you won't have to change the info for every album.
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As for the "Why" question, pretty sure it gets that info from CDDB when retrieving track names.
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