Daylight Savings Time Change Disaster - Early Morning Flight Guadalajara
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Currently in Guadalajara, Mexico. Daylight savings time (spring forward) is at 2 am local time. Ipad and iphone for alarm clocks. iPhone is not connected for local service - is on Sprint in U.S. Will these Apple devices self update?

Additional details: ipad is currently connected to wifi (obviously, I suppose) here where I am lying on couch but doesn't reach wifi connection next to bed where we will use it as alarm clock. Will these devices' alarm clocks "spring forward"? Gracias.
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You can switch off auto update in settings - general - time and date, and then manually set them to the correct time.
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I think they won't. Phones get the time from the network when they're connected, and if they aren't connected they do their best. But they don't have the DST algorithm built in; they rely on the network to tell them when to change.
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Don't use the alarm clock. Figure out how long until you need to wake and use the countdown timer.
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I can tell you that even unconnected to the network, iDevices will change times if they believe daylight savings has come/gone. This happened to me when traveling with an iPod touch many years ago. You should find another alarm or set the alarm for the time that might wake you up an hour early.
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By now you must know, but yes, they self update.
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