A dance show called Joe
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I'm trying to find anything about this group dance performance.

A few years back- it might have been around maybe 1999 or 2000- I caught part of an amazing dance performance on PBS (Great Performances maybe?) featuring a huge troupe of dancers, all dressed in men's business suits and wearing, if memory serves, fedoras. I don't think there was any music and it was all incredibly stomping, percussive and athletic and they mostly moved in a sort of unison. I THINK it was called "JOE," but as that's not the greatest search term and every combination I can come up with of dance, suits, Joe, PBS, etc is turning up nothing. I am hoping somebody can tell me that I didn't dream this up and can push me in the direction of, I hope, finding a video or better still an opportunity to see it live.
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Might it have been Joe Goode performance group (Joegoode.org - sorry, can't link from phone))? They're a very dynamic group and have had performances aired on PBS, including one called Effeminate Gestures.
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Nope- there must have been at least 50 dancers on stage. Not a Joe Goode project- the dance itself was called "Joe," like the title of a ballet.
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Joe was the most notable work of Quebec choreographer Jean-Pierre Perreault.

Some info from a revival.

Some rather low-rez video: 1, 2

Perrault's bio is on French Wikipedia. He died in 2002.
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