I got a makeover... now what?
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I went from dirty blonde hair and pale skin to jet black hair and tan skin... now what do I do with my makeup? Silly snowflake details inside.

I feel like this is a ridiculous question but I'm pretty stumped. I've spent my whole life as a dirty blonde with pretty fair skin that would tan in the summer. Recently I decided to overhaul my look and now I have black hair and eyebrows (my stylist dyed them to match) and I've been going to the tanning bed/using self-tanner so my skin is quite a bit darker than I'm used to. Now I'm not sure what do with my makeup. I usually do a foundation, light cream-colored eyeshadow (that now looks ridiculous), and I would use a light brown brow kit to define my eyebrows. They're still thin, but since they're now dyed black I'm not sure what to do with them. My skin is a golden-medium with both reddish and olive undertones and I have pale green eyes if that helps any.
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I love makeup and have lots of ideas for you, but this question is dying for a photo - post one! You sound gorgeous.

My opinion? Be as daring as you can - you have new coloring, it's time to learn what benefits it gives you in terms of an awesome makeup look! Play up the eyes. Invest in great quality eyeliners - try purple liquid eyeliner, see if that makes your eyes pop. With pale green eyes and dark hair, go for super black mascara - Benefit's They're Real is the best damned mascara I've ever, ever tried. Playing up your eyes would look amazing with your dark hair and the tan skin would be much more forgiving with all kinds of eyeshadow options.

Try some good neutrals/nudes for your lips - try MAC's Retro, Spirit, Double Shot...All great options, but try a bunch.

ALSO, with your beautiful dark hair, a Ruby Woo lipstick from MAC could look AMAZING.

The point, IMO, is to try all kinds of new products, colors, shades to see what makes your new coloring pop.

I'm a brown girl with dark hair, this is me with Benefit's They're Real mascara and Ruby Woo lips. moi..ignore sleepy tired eyes
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Hair dye and self-tanner are make-up (okay, not "colour cosmetics" in the usual sense, but still cosmetics) -- go light! Light-handed, I mean.

...rhythm_queen's pic is on the right track -- good lipstick, good mascara, done! With the disclaimer that this post needs a photo.
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Thank you for the ideas, guys! And I'm obviously sleep-deprived, because I completely forgot to attach a photo... This is my no-makeup work face.

PS, rhythm_queen... your lips and eyes are gorgeous!
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It'll help to clarify some of the objectives of your question. Are you looking for a new foundation to match your increasingly tanned skin? Similarly, are you in the market for a new eyebrow kit, or would colour neutral maintenance (brushing, plucking, and colourless eyebrow gel) suffice? Are you interested in advice for blush, bronzer, and (facial) highlighter? In what context do you anticipate wearing eyeshadow (daytime, evening etc.)?

Your increasingly tanned skin does expand the acceptability of colours for your face and eyes. This youtube video by Wayne Goss details the acceptable blush colours for various skin tones. Tanned skin also lends itself better to bronzer. Here are some brief introductory videos to bronzer/contouring by (i) Lisa Eldridge (also) (ii) Wayne Goss. Also consider experimenting with a red lip.

Eye shadow palettes may be best for your period of experimentation. I personally enjoy Urban Decay's Naked trilogy. The original Naked palette is my personal favourite. (Note: the links will direct you to Sephora's Canadian site).
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You're cute as a button and my first thought is that purple eye makeup (just liner if you want to go subtle, shadow + liner for more dramatic) would look amazing with your coloring.
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I think your new coloring lends itself to darker, bolder colors. I'm pale with light hair and eyes, and I tend to go for the kind of light makeup you previously wore because I don't want to overwhelm my face and end up looking like my makeup is wearing me rather than vice versa. With your new coloring, I think you should swap out any eye makeup you previously might have worn in brown (e.g. eyeliner and mascara) for black or very dark brown. If you didn't wear those previously, start now! I think adding mascara and a little bit of subtle eyeliner to your new look would bring out your gorgeous eyes. You could also experiment with blush and highlighter more than you may have been comfortable with previously, if you want more of a full face makeup look.
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Purple is the standard recommendation for green eyes but I often line my eyes with dark pink/ light red powder. It should be the color of the red undertone in your skin, the color of the red in your eyelids if you raise your eyebrows. Use a light hand. It makes green eyes pop like nothing else.

Also with dark hair and light green eyes you have to fill your eyebrows or you look like you have none, especially in photos. I barely wear makeup but I do this pretty religiously. You might want to grow them in more thickly or shape them differently too.
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You look kind of cool colored to me. I may be wrong; you describe yourself as warm, but... your complexion looks kinda olive like mine; I border on neutrals with cool undertones and though I can wear warm corals and pinks-- super warm goldens don't suit me.

Based on that, I think greens, blues, and greys would look awesome on you. You could do browns too, but a cool or neutral brown as opposed to a warm toned brown. And smokey eyes on dark hair looks absolutely wonderful, and it can be a subtle day thing if you need it to be-- it doesn't have to be noticeable if you don't want it to.

If I am totally wrong and you're more warmed toned, then opt for golds, coppers and oranges. The browns -- pick warm browns with pinky undertones instead.

First thing is get a new foundation though; usually a tiny bit lighter than your darker skintone. For brows, get a dark brown (not black) brow pencil or kit-- for this you need grey browns, not red browns-- because you have black eyebrows right now, red browns will not look natural. But don't get black, as black will look too jarring on sparse brows. I have brown hair and black brows and use this: grey-brown eyebrow pencil which I recommend.

I also really really recommend Lisa Eldridge's videos; she's kind of revolutionized the way I apply and look at makeup. I didn't used to wear much of it prior to watching her videos. I'm almost ready to contour at this point.

Based on your coloring, I think you should check out the following videos of hers:

By greys, I mean this: 5 minute chic makeup

As for a night out, I think this look: Keira Knightly Red Carpet -- Would be really perfect for you for a night out. Especially the way she's done the eyes. If an orange/red lip doesn't suit you, opt for a blue toned pink or red.

I think you'd look awesome with winged or cat-eye eyeliner too.

There's also this Universally flattering look that is kind of perfect for day wear. It's kind of my go-to look, even before I watched this. I'm kinda olive/neutral too, so I actually use grey toned browns, and use goldens only when I want to 'lift' part of my look. Like on my brow-bone or the corners of my eyes or as a highlight in the center of my eyelid.

Now you're darker, pale colors maybe don't suit you as much. I would really recommend a good brown palette-- cool browns or warm, depending on what would suit you more. A latte-type brown is perfect for the socket during the day, a dark brown is great at night. I actually really like NYX as a brand; but I hear that Urban Decay is great too. I'm also a huge fan of Korean brands; they're great value for money-- one of my fave eyeshadows ever is this: Etude House: Cafe Latte -- it's a great everyday color.

As others have said, absolutely experiment! There's no hard and fast rule for makeup, and you could probably still wear shimmery pale colors depending on what you blend it with in the sockets and how you apply it and such.

You're cute as a button! Good luck!
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There's a lot of great input here; I suggest that you also get yourself over to Makeup Alley and ask a few questions. The makeup board people welcome newcomers and will help you if they can. I suggest that you ask specific questions -- one about brows, one about eye colors, and so on. (You'll need to sign up, but they never email you or sell your info.)

I have very dark brows, and they look best when filled in with a shade that's lighter than my hair color. For daytime, I use MAC Omega, which is just enough to keep the underlying skin from shining through. For evening I like MAC Copperplate. These are eye shadows that I apply with an angled brush.
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Now that your face is framed with such dark hair, you need to wear more and darker eye makeup to bring the attention back to your features. Get some brownblack eyeliner and black mascara (maybe even the kind with extra fibers in it). For your brows and your lids, get some dark brown shadow and use it to build up your eyebrows and to Putin over your eyeliner line and in the crease of your eye for extra depth.
Get some watermelon colored blush (brighter than you think!) and some berry lipstick and you will be good to go!
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