Recommendations of microbe videos
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I am looking for some recommendation about microbe and human or animal cell videos and how to search for them better on youtube or elsewhere.

I really love watching microbes and human cells swim around, just long videos of different kinds of microbes swim around. I find really good ones some times on youtube but I'm not sure how to search for the ones I want where they are live and real and swimming around (there have got to be better search terms than that!)

So if you know of good collections of microbe videos online I'm specifically looking for videos of beneficial bacteria like acidophilus or yeasts that live in the human body or just animal cells hanging out doing stuff.

Are there better search terms for this? A lot of the videos are simulations or lectures (which is also cool and I like watching) but I'd like to just watch the little cells doing their things.
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Not exactly what you're asking for, but putting a droplet of pond water on a coverslip could give you hours of fun watching microbes do their thing on a 50 dollar kid's microscope. If that's not feasible for your situation, searching "bacteria microscope live" on youtube got me plenty of hits.
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(Oh just to clarify I was looking specifically for microbes that live on or in the human body)
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I saw that you commented in this thread — maybe looks at tags to see other similarly-tagged posts here.
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I did, I love that gallery! I just thought maybe there were others and mefites might be in the know about them. I was just having a much harder time than I thought trying to look up videos for specific cells, I was hoping to search by specific cell in the human body (or animal body) and figure out how to pull up good videos, if there were better search terms to get a live video of moving cells.

I'm specifically interested in animal cells, not plant cells. Anyways, I will just keep finding them as I'm able. I still think life of osteoclast is my favorite. And neuron firing.

I might go through universities video logs and see if I can find some other collections. I'm taking a medical terminology class and I like to see the real cells I'm learning about, it's kind of harder to find a video for each cell than I would think!
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