Kanji wear it, redux
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Same question as last time - what do these letters say? The blood and skulls make it school unfriendly, but I'd like to know what the kids are parading around saying ...
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Best answer: 貴: precious, valued
忠: loyalty, fidelity

I'm not sure if this is a word in Japanese or just two kanji (or hanzi) stuck together.
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Response by poster: Many thanks!
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In Japanese it could be a name as Gotanda says (Takashi Tadashi, or Taka Tadashi, or various other readings). Second character can also be chuu (kiss). Definitely pops up in names a lot based on some searches.

In Chinese, Google Translate gives me "the loyalty" or separately, "expensive" and "loyal". Since there are no kana in the picture, I don't know any way to tell if this is Chinese or Japanese unless you have additional info (but maybe there are subtleties a native speaker would recognize).
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Response by poster: Sourced from a jumble sale.
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