How can I sync Outlook 2011 for Mac with a Web Calendar?
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I have only two wishes: world peace and getting Outlook 2011 for Mac to sync with a web calendar that will also sync wirelessly with my Android phone.

My Mac is running Mavericks. I am using Outlook 2011. My calendar is Google Calendar, but I am open to others, if I have to be. My phone is a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

I have googled this, but a lot of information looks dated, so I thought I would ask here. I am also willing to use a paid solution for syncing if I need to.

Thanks, as always.
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Fantastical works for me using Outlook and Google Calendar on my mac. The syncing is really seamless and quick.
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This may sound simplistic, but I have a Samsung S3 and my Outlook calendar automatically started syncing with my phone when I set up an Exchange account on my phone. When you view the account settings on your phone, is 'Sync calendar' checked?

(Sorry if that's too basic -- but it's worked on my phone. I can view my Outlook calendar in the native Calendar app.)
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Calendar in Mavericks supports Exchange natively, but it also supports CalDAV

Google says it uses CalDAV :

You should be able to sync them all using google calendar. The devices don't even need to sync to each other, just each to Google's master calendar.

1: you create an event on the S3
2: Google syncs it to Google Calendar
3: Your Mac does it's sync with Google Calendar
4: The event is now on your mac.
5: You set up SyncServices in Outlook to sync your mac's calendar.
6: The event is now in Outlook.

Outlook works best with Exchange, but this should work...
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