Polishable, 12-hour, workboot
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I am looking for a polishable black workboot, no steel-toe, light weight, around 6 inch height. I walk between 4 and 10 miles over the course of a 12 hour shift, 5 or 6 days a week. Equal time indoors and outdoors, the weather ranges from snow-sun with a fair number of deluge days, so water proof or VERY resistant is a must. These shoes must fit in with a dress uniform, but I'm working for a railroad, not a bank.
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I'll have to check out what my husband's boots are, but I think they meet all your criteria and he gets them from galls.com (he's a cop). Take a look there.
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Oh, and the brand is either Bates or 5.11 I believe.
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I would imagine Danner has something for you. They're spendy, but really well made boots and they last quite a while.
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Yeah, really anything in the cop duty boot sphere will work for you. I've personally been wearing 5.11s for over a year at my previous job as an armored courier, and I got a new pair for police academy. I've been able to get a pretty good spitshine on them for academy.
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I wear Merrell shoes, and I'm a big fan of the brand. In my experience, they are extremely comfortable and very tough. I haven't tried their boots, but fwiw here's a link:


The "Realm Chukka" looks like it might fit the bill.
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You are going to laugh at me, but see if there's anything in Crocs work range that would suit your need. They do dress shoes that are comfortable for hours (for restaurant staff for example) and boots that are winterproof, maybe they have somehing in between?
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I think Wolverine make a black version of their 1000 Mile boot. Cover that in Obeneuf and you'll have an attractive weatherproof black boot.

If you want something high end on the work boot end of the spectrum, I would speak to Viberg or Whites.
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I highly recommend Red Wing boots. They are kind of expensive, but they will cover all of your needs and are guaranteed by the company for the life of the boot. They are made in a variety of types, from work boots to more fancy dress styles.
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I forgot to include American construction in the requirements, and I know Danner has some, but I prefer a company that exclusively uses American production.

Thanks for all the recommendations, I hope they keep coming!
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