what is this building?!?!
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new building is going up next to us. due to what i believe is a combination of bad weather and general tendencies to draw out construction projects, the pace of construction has been painfully slow! from a neighborhood flyer that circulated a year ago, we know that it is a retail establishment. does this building look familiar to anyone?

this is in worcester MA. here are two shots of the building from the front. it is a narrow but deep lot with about 50 yards between the front of the building and the street. the flyer that came around said that it was a retail business and that there would be a drive-through. i can't see how there would be a drive through as the sides of the lot come too close to the building, so maybe that has changed. the building looks very industrial/storage like to me. there is obviously a garage door on the right side of the building. does anyone recognize the building as belonging to some sort of retail franchise? maybe something you see every day?
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If it's retail, it looks agricultural. I think it might make a difference if the mailer said it will "have drive-through" vs. "have a drive through," since hardware stores all around me forever have had pickup areas in the back.
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I think it looks like a hardware store or a feed store too.

You might be able to find out exactly what it is by looking up the building permits for the lot. Looks like you'd need to create an account but it's free.

"Can I use the system to do research on permit applications in my city or other cities?
Yes, the system has a reports function which will allow you to look up information about permit applications and approvals in all participating cities. Because the system is new, the amount of data available at this time may be limited."
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Call the city clerk's office and ask. Someone had to pull permits. They may know what it's supposed to be and it's unlikely to be a secret.
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Looks like an auto repair service to me. Cars to be worked on come in the front door; cars that are done drive out the back. If you know the address, you should check the permits.
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Why don't you wander over and ask?
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In a lot of places they post the permits outside, usually in some sort of weather proof box.
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Not a major chain retail franchise that I have seen -- most retail franchises these days have a nicer finish than metal siding. I agree with everyone who suggests calling the city! Planning/Zoning and Building/Inspectional Services would be the two best places to start.
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Wood/lumber products? I've been to lumber places you drive in a door like that so you can load your truck. Or car detailing?

edit: which part of Worcester? I was trying to figure it out but I can't.
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a retail business and that there would be a drive-through.

Does Massachusetts allow drive-through liquor/beer stores?
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Depending on how things are organized bureaucratically where you live, the answer should be a phone call away from the city clerk, the assessor, and/or the planning office. If you can't figure out who to call or are brushed off, the office of an elected official (e.g. mayor, city/county councilor, etc) will be able to extract answers from the relevant office.
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Response by poster: it could be any of those things listed. will check for the posted permit tonight when i get home and if not will call the assessor or planning office monday. a search of the address did reveal this, but it was a dead end with the realty company and the building referenced is the old building that was torn down. beccaj, it's grafton hill right by csx.
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I found these planning board minutes from September, 2012, and it sounds like they were planning on two buildings: warehouse/office space in back, and Dunkin Donuts in front - so maybe they haven't started building the Dunks yet?

More: July 16, 2012, August 27, 2012
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