Where to find wide-format art?
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I have a long stretch of wall above my desk on which I'd like to hang a wide-format piece of art. I may print one of my own photo panoramas, but I'm also considering other artists and formats. Where can I browse wide-format art for sale? Price level is in the low hundreds of dollars, so we're talking prints here, not originals. I'm thinking in the neighborhood of 5-6 feet wide, and no higher than ~2 feet.
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This crossed my screen earlier today: $35 for a 48"x12" Panoramic Wall Mural from Larger Than Life Prints ($84 Value) on your friend and mine, Groupon. I don't know anything about the quality, and the options for printing are limited to the several hundred options on their site. It looks like all or mostly landscape photography.
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Canvas-print art places will often let you filter by horizontal panoramas, if that's along the lines of what you're looking for.Like so among the city skyline options.
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Check out the Nobrow panoramas-- they're amazing fold-out screenprints of dinosaurs, bicycles, and all kinds of things.
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Shorpy has panoramas.
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