Pizza in Brooklyn?
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I'll be in Brooklyn next week for work staying at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott and I'm looking for a great local place to get a slice. This is the one food I crave the most and I just can't find any great pizza here in Central Florida. So please help me out and tell me where to get a great slice! Not just classic NYC style either, I'm open to any style.
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Not sure how classic it is but it's amazing .. probably the best pizza I have had in Brooklyn.
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Best answer: Di Fara's. Midwood. $5/slice and be prepared to wait a while - but it's the best damn slice you'll ever have.
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Best answer: Well, if you're okay ordering a whole pie, the very best places nearby are Grimaldi's (tourist hell; pick your time wisely or call ahead for pickup), Juliana's (Patsy Grimaldi's new place), and Lucali (a bit of a walk, and also always crowded, so call ahead for pick up if you're able). Even Grimalid's and Juliana's are a little bit of a walk, though; in terms of places within spitting distance of the Marriott, there's not a whole lot. This neighborhood is getting better for food generally, but in my experience the pizza is still pretty weak in Downtown Brooklyn. I actually work across the street from the hotel (in fact, I can see some weirdo out on a balcony right now, in spite of the fact that it's in the 40's and spitting freezing rain), so if you've got any other questions definitely drop me a line.

On preview, Roberta's and Di Fara are both pretty far away from your hotel, although not unreasonable subway rides. If you're looking for pizza recommendations for the entire borough of Brooklyn, sebastienbailard's link is a good place to start.
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Best answer: Depends on the weather, but my hack for Juliana's (which is now just as popular and overrun with tourists as Grimaldi's) is to order a pie to go then eat it in Brooklyn Bridge Park or on the tables on the street in DUMBO. You can call ahead or simply skip the entire line and waltz right in to place a to go order.
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Di Fara is amazing but much better if you can rustle up company and get a whole pie (especially the square pie), IMO.
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Spumoni Gardens is the best pizza in Brooklyn - but it is in South Brooklyn, close to Coney Island, the opposite side of Brooklyn from where you are staying.
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Best answer: You're going to be located right by Grimaldi's.

I have gone on a Friday night at like 7PM and weirdly found the wait not that long. Definitely do pickup if you want it to for sure be fast.

If you have time, what about spending a day at Coney Island and checking out Totonno's?

I like Roberta's just fine, but it's not remarkably different from high end pizza you could get in any other city. You're in New York, you want a New York style of pizza.

Di Fara's is great, but unless you have a lot of time and are OK with maybe not getting any pizza after all, I would give it a miss. I would really only do this if it would not bum you out to spend an entire day of your trip waiting around on a random corner in Midwood, possibly for nothing.

Feel free to also just stop into the nearest pizza place and get a slice. It doesn't have to be an iconic gourmet experience to be delicious NYC style pizza.
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Best answer: Go to Juliana's or Grimaldi's and call it done. The walk there via Montague St. and the Promenade is very enjoyable and you'll have great views of lower Manhattan. On the way back go through DUMBO and up Jay St. as the hill is less steep.
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Best answer: Slice: The Pizza Blog is excellent NY based bible of all things pizza. Searching the site for Brooklyn will help, including this Brooklyn Pizza map.

Looks like you will be close to Grimaldi's. If you are not willing to wait an hour for your slice, then give Di Fara's a miss. Stopping inside small non-descript pizza joints for a slice as often as possible will let you discover the broad palette of NY's boroughs pizza culture. There are very few bad pizza slices outside of Manhattan (where there are a few bad slices, mostly for under $1)
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Best answer: I always enjoyed Fascati on Henry St. in Brooklyn Heights for a casual slice - more of a hole in the wall place than a tourist destination.
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Best answer: Graziella's is in Clinton Hill, which is a neighborhood over from where you'll be staying, but will be much, MUCH less crowded than Grimaldi's. It was also once personally endorsed by Food Network host Ted Allen, if you're a fan...
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I have to temper my suggestion for Juliana's or Grimaldi's. Both only serve whole pies and I see now that you want a slice. If you can rustle up another person, or don't mind leftovers, I would still recommend either as the pizza is good, and they are easy to get to from the Marriott.
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Another vote for Di Fara. Apart from the actual pizza, which is spectacular, the way in which it's made is wonderful. Each and every single pizza is individually made by hand by Dom Di Marco, who is nearly 80 years old.
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Best answer: For good basic slices nearby, try Fascati on Henry St in Brooklyn Heights or My Little Pizzeria on Court Street in Downtown Brooklyn. Both make good to excellent classic NYC slices.
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I found Grimaldi's completely overhyped. It was fine, if a little soggy, not life-changing.
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Best answer: I used to work very close to there. I liked some of the slices at MontyQ's on Montague St. It's not going to score points with the pizza gourmet scene, but it's not bad pizza and they do interesting things. I like the artichoke slice for example. I'm mostly mentioning it because it's so close to your hotel. It's no Di Fara, but it is right down the street from you.
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Best answer: I found Grimaldi's completely overhyped. It was fine, if a little soggy, not life-changing.

Same here. It's fine. Not worth waiting in line for, though.

I am completely addicted to Enoteca on Court's pizzas.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! Once again the NYC Mefite contingent is spectacular with info about anything NYC.
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