Can you suggest a good restaurant in New York City, Kips Bay area?
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We're going out in the Kips Bay neighborhood soon with friends. Can you recommend a good restaurant for a festive meal that is NOT Indian? As close to 29th and 2nd as possible.

Previously in the neighborhood we've tried Resto, which was great, but a little on the pricy side, and the deli upstairs at Kalustyan's, which is also great but not open on the evening we want to go, and also a little on the casual side.

Difficulty: One member of our party isn't wild about Indian food (which knocks out a lot of good restaurants in the neighborhood) unless it is someone doing something new and different and exciting with the cuisine, or a particularly incredibly delicious example of Indian food.

Any ideas?
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I was going to say Resto until I saw your comment. However! Next door to Resto is Cannibal, which is awesome. Not so much for vegetarians, however, so if you have any in your group I'd maybe have them look at the menu first.

Riverpark is nearby and is also awesome, but is also on the pricy side.
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How about Lamazou Cheese? It's on 3rd and 27th.
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Caliente Cab
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Seconding Riverpark. Ask for the bar menu, which they'll give you at any table, with really good fried chicken and burgers that cost less than the regular stuff.
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there are lots of good restaurants in the neighborhood! here are just a few of my favorites, off the top of my head:
marcony is yummy italian, lex between 31 and 32, kinda pricy
jaiya for great thai, 3rd ave between 28 and 29
2nd avenue deli! 33rd between 3rd and lex. ok, maybe that's not so festive.
el parador, mexican, on 34th between 1st and 2nd
penelope on 30th and lex
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Penelope. I love this place!
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Turkish Kitchen on 3rd and between 28/29th. Inexpensive and tasty.
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I want to third the recommendation for Penelope. I love it there!
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