OS X app to quickly search a set folder and its subfolders?
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Which launcher app (Alfred, Butler, Quicksilver, etc) or menu bar app can quickly search a defined folder and its subfolders without having to choose the folder each time?

In OS X, I frequently need to search a folder and its subfolders for files. I'd like this to be as quick as possible without having to choose the folder or waste time searching the entire drive.

Is there a launcher app (Alfred, Butler, Quicksilver) or menu bar app where you can define the parameters of the search (location, file type) beforehand and quickly launch it?
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Are you searching for just the filename or for content in the file?
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You mean you are in Finder, and you want the search field to only search the current folder?
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Don't underestimate Spotlight either: CMD+Space, then type your filename. Unless you have the same filename in multiple folder trees and you want to search specific trees for a specific copy.
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If you have the folder open in Finder, start searching for something. Then just below that, in the grey bar, click Search: "Folder Name Written Here", instead of "This Mac", and you will limit the search to the current folder.
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I use Alfred for a lot of things, this included. Unless you are going to take advantage of Alfred's other features, Finder is certainly a much cheaper route. If you are accessing the same files over and over, or want to look at a recent list, Trickster might be useful.
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Find Any File is what you want. I use Quicksilver to launch Find Any File and go from there.
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If it is just one folder, and always the same folder, you can use Spotlight and use the config setting to limit the search to the folder-tree of interest.

Using the Finder to limit search to the specific folder open in the window is fine, but requires that you first open/switch to that folder.
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Also from the command line you can always do:

$ cd /path/to/search && find . | grep -i [what-you-want-to-search-for]

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Without any response to the clarifying questions, I would suggest Leap.
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