Do they have Art Nouveau-esque doormats?
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I am trying to find a doormat to protect the hardwood flooring by my front door. Here's a picture of the front entryway and another longer shot of it. The entryway is about 42" inches wide and 39" long, and the interior doorway where there used to be a second door is 34" wide. I'd like the rug to be both very hardwearing (it must stand up to snow, mud, and my cat's claws) and to suit the decor. Right now I have a plain dark brown rectangular mat that does the job, but I'd like to find something with a little more style. Suggestions?
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I've been coveting the Dard Hunter Rose welcome mat for years. It'd look nice.
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Here are some more.
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Love your red door! Nice cheerful color. This Pottery Barn mat would coordinate nicely.
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I recommend you get two mats; one to catch the really grimy dirt, snow, and mud outside of the door (I have this one and it's awesome) and then a second prettier one that works with your decor inside the house. Try browsing through Overstock; I've always had good luck buying rugs and various household items there. Also, look into Flor carpet tiles; you can pick them right up and wash them in the sink when they get dirty.
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If you would consider an area rug rather than a doormat, you can really get some pretty color combinations, too! Not quite as durable, but still keeping the front entry hardwood floor protected, and more aesthetically pleasing:

1, 2, 3.

And, yes, they DO have Art Nouveau area rugs!
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I'd hit up for an indoor/outdoor runner, for length and durability.
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