Bar and Kitchenware wholesale from Asia?
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How does one go about finding wholesale suppliers or bar and kitchenware from China and Japan? I'm looking to do bulk purchasing on things such as Yarai style glassware and mixing glasses, Yukiwa jiggers, fancy bitters bottles, and all things tiki related.

Alibaba doesn't help. Buyee is fascinating, but not tailored torwards bulk purchasing. I can't read Japanese or Chinese, and I feel like every time I search for these goods I mostly get US and European websites, already selling them at tremendous markups. How does one get to the source?

Thanks, and Cheers!
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I've imported lots of barware, but I stay away from anything you can drink out of due to the monumental roadblocks put up by US Custums due to FDA regulations on food contact surfaces. It can be done, but it's gonna be paperwork hell and can get expensive to comply.
Look for glassware factories -- if they're not using a copy of a copy of a copy of a stock mold, they may just be able to tool up what you want. My glassware factory can make anything, any size, with any finish if I'm willing to pay for tooling .
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Response by poster: PSB, are you ordering from China? What size lots are you getting, and what does it cost to set up tooling? Although I imagine I just want stock molds.
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Glass tooling is usually a few thousand bucks. I make glass stuff, but it's usually decorative, for example an oversized glass beer bottle replica for advertising purposes. I do it in China.
You'll also need a freight forwarder, and it's possible that they have ways of getting things through customs or know how to navigate the paperwork for food contact items. Maybe classify as decorative? I didn't mean to scare you; I just happen to stay clear of that stuff. I run into roadblocks with wooden items as well due to the Lacey Act.
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Oh, as far as lot sizes I'm talking 2000 - 50000.
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