Can these boots be saved?
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Recently I bought a pair of real leather, made in Italy boots at Goodwill for $10. Score! Well, of course they had a problem.

These boots look very nice and don't have any wear on them. However, when I wear them for any period of time the boots leave boot polish all over my socks. The polish isn't heavy enough to come off if I just put my hand in there to test it, it seems like the repeated wear and friction does it.

So, is it a thing to put boot polish inside boots anyway?

Is there any hope here besides repeated wearing getting the polish out? I've already stained one pair of socks so I suppose they could become my "boot socks."
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Are you sure it's polish? Fancy leather shoes quite often have unlined dyed interiors that can stain once they get moist (i.e., if your feet sweat a bit). Here's a link to a page that describes one way of dealing with that.
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This happened to me too. So now I only wear black with those boots and I have no idea if the colour is still coming off. Problem solved!
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I've also had this happen with black boots and it did eventually stop. Probably within a month or so of regular wear?
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I guess I assumed that they were older since they were at Goodwill, but maybe they are newer boots?

I hadn't really considered it to be leather dye, but that does seem to be more likely than someone polishing the inside of the boots.
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Oh yeah that's happened to me too. I agree that it's just part of the leather and you just need to wear dark or old socks.
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Have you tried wearing socks that have been soaked in hot water, wringing out the socks, putting on the boots, stomping around for a minute or two, soaking the the socks in hot water, wringing out the socks, putting on the boots, stomping around for a minute or two, soaking the socks in hot water, wring out the socks, putting on the boots, etc. until the problem goes away?

If you go this route, be sure to let them dry passively with shoetrees for a few days, and moisturize properly afterwards with your favorite leather conditioner..
posted by oceanjesse at 10:28 AM on April 4, 2014 I haven't tried that. I think I'll just buy dark socks...
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