What's Small, Thin, and Heavy?
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So I got this deal on tissues. Super cheap, but the boxes are half the height of the ones I usually buy. And the problem is, whenever I grab a tissue from the box, the whole box flies up in the air with the tissue, knocking over anything within an 18" radius. And I've bought 2 years worth of these damned boxes, so it's not a temporary problem. My thought was to weigh them down by slipping something heavy into the bottom of the box, beneath the bottom tissue. So: what's something really cheap (i.e. far <$1) and reasonably thin, and adequately heavy (a bolt or something won't cut it)....and easily found at Home Depot?
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Best answer: A tile or two?
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An alternate solution - a loop of duct tape stuck to the bottom of the box?
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Presumably you can transfer the heavy thing from the empty box to the new box? Doing it that way probably stretches your budget significantly.
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If the box would fit into a standard tissue box cover, width-wise, its lower height probably wouldn't be a problem.

I've always thought those things were dumb, but they certainly would solve your problem, and this one is sort of adorable.

Alternately, would gluing a rectangle of cardboard to the bottom of each box, maybe a double thickness, add enough weight?
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You could also glue or velcro or tie the box to something.
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Beans in a bag, or rice - small zippy bag or non but duct taped to make an appropriate rectangle.
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Home Depot has tissue box holders (or covers). These work for me pretty well. It seems most of them are a bit above your price range, but a lot of times you can hit the local dollar store and pick one up for really cheap.
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Slipping something heavy into the box underneath the tissues seems like a box-destroying, annoying plan, unless that heavy thing is flexible or in pieces. What about marbles or similar smooth pieces of glass or stone?
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How about hold the box down with your left hand, and pull out the tissue with your right? That's less than a dollar, also.
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How about a 1/2" thick cast iron weight meant for a floor lamp? Not less than a buck but pretty cheap. I don't where you could buy one in person but I imagine there must be some place to do so.
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Cut a slit in one of the bottom edges and binder-clip the box to your table? Or, really, to any other thinnish object (one on each side so it sits flat?) to save yourself the trouble of trying to get something into the box.
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25 pennies.
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Tape another box of tissues to the bottom. When the top box runs out, open the next box and tape another box to it. Repeat.
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If the boxes are truly half the height of a normal tissue box, stack two of them at a time in a regular-height tissue box holder/cover.
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I would get one of the decorative tissue boxes but I would do it by taking the tissues out of the cardboard box first.
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This is what tissue box covers are for. Not sure where you'll find one in your price range -- maybe try a thrift store and/or dollar store -- but if you meant under $1 per box instead of under $1 total then you should be able to find something for under $20 at Home Depot (or Walmart, Target, etc.).
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Best answer: Some heavy metal washers from the local home improvement store.
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How about a paperweight? I'm thinking one of those flat, brass ones that companies give out to honor 25 years of service or some other achievement. If someone in your family doesn't have one you could probably find one at a Goodwill pretty easily.

This one is crystal or plastic, but same idea.
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in an out-of-the-way area of your home, nail two thin trim nails at equal height, about seven feet off the ground and about eight inches apart and sticking out of the wall about half an inch. then you go to a fishing tackle store. fishing tackle home dec is a timeless statement of good taste for modern sportsmen and sportswomen. buy two big, gaudy salmon lures of equal size, take them home and mount their non-business ends on the protruding nails. they will have treble hooks dangling down, on which you impale your next box of kleenex.

/the fisherman architect
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Best answer: A piece of flat bar stock? You'll need to cut it, of course.
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I think two 50 penny rolls would meet your criteria pretty well.
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A zip-lock sandwich bag full of pennies. Or quarters if you are feeling flush. Or heavy washers if you feel like a drive to the hardware store.
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For $3.59 get one of these jammies and clamp it across the bottom of the box. These sort of clamps have enough control over the pressure that you can get it to hang on without crushing the box, and you could get 10,000 years of tissue box holding out of one clamp.

And if it doesn't work out you have a very useful clamp.
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double sided tape
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The way to solve this problem is with a blob or two of Blu Tack on the bottom of the box. $1.48, and you'll have some leftover.
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Tape the box to a brick. Or take the tissues out and staple the box to a piece of wood.
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Best answer: I'd use a smallish monkey wrench tucked under the tissues because a) heavy b) flat c) cheap d) one piece e) easy to deal with
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A couple of small magnets on the inside and a flat piece of steel to sit the box on.
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Best answer: Steel tie plate (available in various sizes)
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Toro tissue ring.
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