Why does Windows 8.1 ask for an app every time I try to open a PDF?
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This is new behavior (maybe after I installed the Windows 8.1 upgrade) - when I double-click a PDF, instead of just opening the file in Acrobat (full app is installed on my computer), the 'how do you want to open this file' dialog appears, and 'Keep using Adobe Acrobat' is the first choice, followed by two instances an icon with the full path to the Acrobat executable. I have Adobe Acrobat as the default program. I'm guessing this is a Windows issue, rather than Adobe - how do I get my PDFs to just open already?
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uninstall acrobat completely
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If PDFs saved on your desktop look like the PDF reader icon instead of the Adobe icon, right clicking and choosing 'open with' can fix this, the same has happened to a colleague of mine even when she'd already changed the default program.
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