Help me find a credit union
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I do most of my banking with a megabank but would like to open a second account at a credit union. Can you recommend one that will let me join?

I don't have a particular pressing reason for this, like needing a mortgage -- I just like the idea of supporting credit unions and want to try it out.

As far as I'm aware, there are none that I qualify for based on location or professional/govt affiliations. But I also know that many of them will let anyone join through a simple backdoor, like joining an affiliated charity or consumer group with a modest membership fee.

Can anyone here recommend a particular credit union that you've had good experiences with, which also has this kind of de facto open membership?
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If your location is accurate, you qualify for Lower East Side People's Federal Credit Union due to living in Manhattan Community Board 3.
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Without knowing your geographic location, it's hard to say. Many credit unions are not national and are open only to people within a specific city/county/employer.
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I've had good experiences with Pentagon Federal, Alliant, and NASA. All of them have little hoops to jump through that effectively means anyone can join.
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saecolorum, I live in manhattan but not in cb3 ...I think the location in my profile is just whatever coordinates it uses for "New York, NY."
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I have checking and savings accounts with Alliant. I had a loan with them for a time too. I'm very happy with them - I'm in New York too and they've never seemed to care about my location. There was a small hoop to jump through, but it was just making a $10 donation to a specific nonprofit and forwarding the receipt. Well worth it in the rearview.
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Nerd Wallet search for Credit Union (credit cards) by zipcode, qualifications and credit rating, but it doesn't seem to be working for me at the moment, which is a shame.

NASA FCU (yes, that NASA) is open to anyone who is a member of a number of related associations that have open membership.

See also: Credit Union Access, which apparently lists all credit unions that are regulated or insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).
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I was able to join Navy Federal Credit Union because my brother was in the navy and a member. Are/were any of your family in the armed services? There might be a way for you to become a member if they were a member or were willilng to become one with you.
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I joined Pentagon Federal Credit Union by making a small donation to a veterans' organization. I've been very pleased with them so far.
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You can try using a tool like this to find credit unions that you can join. When I've tried it has sometimes been able to find some I'm eligible for based on where I live.
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