Foldable, durable light shoes.
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Hi AskMefi. I first noticed Timberland Radler Camp Shoe about 2 years ago. I finally decided to buy a pair and they are discontinued! Help me find an alternative!

I looked at amazon and ebay, and can't find anything my size (US 10.5-11) at a reasonable cost. Are there any similar shoes that are packable and light? The use case would be an alternate pair of shoes for travelling, a spare pair for hiking - to wear around camp. Thank you!

PS: If anyone knows why Timberland discontinued them, that would be interesting to know as well.
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These won't work? They're pink but the listing says Men's 11 and only 27 bucks.
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I have the women's version of these. They are comfortable, lightweight, and squishable. On Monday, I hiked 8 miles on Santa Catalina Island and walked another 4 around downtown Long Beach with no issues. I did wear thin socks, but they aren't necessary in normal conditions.

They are not foldable like the Timberland's though - what a cool feature!
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Lems and Kigo shoes roll up. There's also these shoes called "Pakems," but I don't have any experience with them. There are lots of light trail shoes that can squish, but I've never seen ones that fold and zip up like those Timberlands!
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I love my Vivo Barefoot sneakers -- I'm on my fourth or fifth pair. They're very light. They don't zipper up like those ones you link to to, but they wouldn't take much room in a bag.
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I use Nike Solarsoft Lakesides for my camp shoes. They don't fold in half, but the upper is just a piece of fabric, so they do store flat--maybe 1" of vertical space for both shoes together, and I just slip them in a side pocket on my pack so I can have them for breaks and keep the dirty soles away from my other stuff. They're about 8 oz. for the pair for men's size 9. Your size isn't on that page I linked, but perhaps you can find them somewhere else.
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Patagonia Advocates are amazing. I've had a pair for three years and wore them daily for months. They're expensive but you can find them cheap on ebay and 6pm occasionally.
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