Ed Grimley at Mickey D's
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When I was 16, I got a part-time job at McDonald's. I remember being made to watch a training video for the lace, featuring Martin Short as Ed Grimley who was a Mickey D's fry guy or something. I know I wasn't high at the time, I know it really happened! I can't find any evidence of it anywhere, except for a brief mention on Pinterest. Help me find this video!
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You might want to contact this site, since they have "McDonald's Training Film" listed under Martin Short's name, though it's without the year or any further info. Maybe they can help you get to the bottom of it, assuming this is not the link from Pinterest.
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Confirmation that you weren't hallucinating:
Martin Short used to do training videos for McDonald's. I used to watch his video "Ed Grimly and the Six Steps of Service" every day on break at my old McDonald's back in the eighties when I was a teenager. It was hilarious. I wonder how many folks know that about him now.
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My husband, who worked at McDonald's as a teenager, confirms that this was real life. While it doesn't help find the video, it does confirm that it really happened!
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