Getting crazy duplicate charts in Excel spreadsheets using Save to Web
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So, I have a series of worksheets in an Excel file that I routinely save to web (single web page format) so that colleagues can access the information on an intranet. Since our company upgraded to Office 2010 these worksheets have begun accumulating multiple copies of any charts located on these sheets (superimposed on the original) - these duplications are in both chart and image form.

I presume this is an obscure Excel bug happening when the spreadsheets are being saved for web page format; I've searched all over the googleverse and not found anyone with a way to prevent this from happening, such as changing an obscure setting in Office options.

I am hoping someone on AskMe knows something about this. If I stay on top of deleting the duplicates with the Selection Pane, it's an annoyance but workable, but if I space out for a couple weeks and let these things proliferate (geometrically, since I think the copies and copies of copies are getting duplicated) it gets out of hand and the book becomes unusuable (when you go to one of these sheets Excel spends a crazy amount of time messing with the hundreds of chart copies and can't do anything else). Thanks!
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We encountered this problem at my work and never came up with a way to solve it, so you're not missing anything obvious. We ended up taking screenshots of the chart and posting those to the intranet.
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