UK/Euro Equivalent of Harper's Magazine or the New Yorker?
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We live in the UK, London: currently we subscribe to Harper's but are increasingly feeling like we just don't care about all the USA based content. And should be more interested in whats happening in the UK and Europe. Is there a good UK/Eurocentric equivalent that we could subscribe to?

We were considering so far:

- New Statesman but that also has a lot of US content.
- New Left Review, but it is a bit "heavy" if you know what I mean.
- ? ... the Economist i guess might be an option but were looking for a more literary / arts skewed periodical.
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I don't find New Statesman to have an awful lot of US coverage, and it does also cover the rest of the world in more detail than anything else does. It's the only one I could find with the literary and arts side of things. Reading The Guardian might help, too.
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London Review of Books ?
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Try Prospect.
The best Literary periodical out there is the TLS.
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No quite equivalent but absolutely worth reading on a regular basis: Private Eye (wikipedia)
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LRB is great.
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Seconding London Review of Books. That and the New Yorker are the only general-interest periodicals I still subscribe to, and I'm not sure which I'd choose if I could only keep one.
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Private Eye is really the best, as its reporting on the minutia of political and business life is quite good. It is biweekly at £1.50. I also particularly like FT Weekend for its range of articles. I think it is probably the most like New York Times on the weekend.
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I like the New Statesman, Spectator, Economist, Private Eye, and Granta. Also, I buy a bunch of stuff from newsagents and art gallery bookshops and sift from there.
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