Recommendations for new blogs/websites to read
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I am looking for some recommendations for some new blogs/websites to read. I love all things pop culture, am not super into fashion blogs but do like to peruse ones that feature casual looks from time to time and like dry or offbeat humor.

Some of what I currently read:
The Bloggess
The Mary Sue
This tumblr, for some reason I can't really explain
Ain't No Mom Jeans
The Disney Food Blog
Smitten Kitchen

I used to read the Pop Candy blog on USA Today but haven't been thrilled with it lately.

I am not really looking for anything super specific though, throw anything you like at me!
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The AV Club, for all-purpose snarky pop culture criticism.

On a smaller scale, I like The Singles Jukebox for assorted capsule reviews of the latest pop music hits.
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This is kind of a random recommendation, but Drivel About Frivol is a really awesome makeup-focused blog. I love how strong/ unique her voice is - it's really well written. [Disclosure, I know her through blogging and we're semi internet friends].

No idea if it will catch your interest, but thought I'd throw it out there!
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Boing Boing
The Hairpin or potentially some of it's affiliated blogs like The Awl (gender neutral?) or Splitsider (comedy and pop culture)
I keep meaning to start reading Pacific Standard, it's more focused on longer reads.
I've read not martha for a long time. She's not particular pop-culture-y but does good links round up of "food" "tech" "home" things as well as select original cook/craft how-tos, often focusing on an interesting technique she's developed. (Plus she's a mefite!)
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The Awl, The Rumpus, and The Toast are probably the best additions I've ever made to my Internet feed. Great original content and excellent outbound recommendations. There's a lot of thematic and authorial overlap between the three sites, I'd sort of say each has a difference balance of pop culture, humor, intellectualism, and writing on relationships and the experience of being human.
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If you're ready for it, check out Oh No They Didn't on livejournal. I actually haven't been on it for quite a while (and the site does not seem to be loading at the moment), but from what I remember, it got pretty snarky and trashy sometimes in the comments section, though it's easy to just ignore those and read the main posts. But they do have their own little community there, and they always seem to up on the late breaking celebrity news and gossip.
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