What is meant by a "blind scramble"?
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Search results indicate this term being used synonymously with "mad scramble", but also as something to do with sports tournaments. Apart from being evocative, does it mean anything specific?
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Best answer: In golf a scramble is a tournament where each team of 2 or 4 plays from their best shot on every shot. So everyone tees off then selects the best ball position, then everyone plays from within a club-length of that ball and selects the best of those shots, and so on.

A blind scramble is a scramble where only a certain number of holes count towards the teams final score, but the team doesn't know which holes will count until they turn in their card. This is also called a "blind 9" if 9 holes are being used.
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Best answer: In addition to what muddgirl said, it can also mean you don't know who your partner will be ahead of time. In order words, a "blind draw" scramble. That can facilitate individual golfers (who don't have a partner) to sign up for the scramble tournament.
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