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Did David Bowie attend the recent exhibition about David Bowie? It was in London at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Did he play any concerts in London during the exhibit (Mar 23–Aug 11, 2013)?
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I like his official Facebook page and it doesn't look like he did.

The exhibit comes to Berlin in May and there will be displays about his time there exclusive to this leg of it.
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Seems like no (definitely no concerts).

However, I was at this exhibition a week ago in São Paolo and members of Guns n' Roses were there at the same time. It was odd.
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David Bowie hasn't played live for around a decade. I would be surprised if he hadn't had a private showing at the V&A, but he did not participate in the opening. Iirc, Tilda Swinton showed up to read out a tribute to him, but he definitely wasn't present.
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I know friends who worked on putting together the exhibition and Bowie/Bowies people were definitely involved in curating it.
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