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You may remember me from THIS question, when I wanted to leave a large entertainment company, move cities, and pivot industries. I ended up making it happen and for the past 2 years I’ve been in Chicago consulting at a consumer goods start-up focusing on new product development. It’s been a challenging change as I went from becoming an expert at what I do to being a newb in my mid thirties. Can you help me plan my next steps?

Why I want to leave
Start-up life feels like a constant fire drill and I often fall back to being a generalist touching a bit of everything. This is fun in one sense as I can make an impact in all areas of the business but at some point I feel being a generalist will leave me unemployable. I am concerned since I don’t qualify as a specialist, that as we start to scale I could become obsolete. I only have a BFA and a more experienced ME could easily take my role so I need to plan for that possibility.

The team I work with has many dysfunctions and I don’t see us changing

I don’t want to be a part of producing short lifecycle plastic crap that ends up in landfills

I want to either make more money at a larger company or have some skin in the game in another start-up (equity)

Project / Program Management skills

Small scale domestic fabrication experience and large scale offshore fabrication knowledge - on the ground Asia factory experience

An understanding of product lifecycle, supply chain, and operations

Knowledge of materials, manufacturing, and product development

Experience working with creatives

If I wanted to build on my existing experience and secure myself a track in a career where there is room to grow, work in an innovative field, and consistently make $100k plus, should I:

1. Get a Masters in a specialty like Supply Chain or Operations Management
2. Get an MBA
3. Try to get more software PM skills somehow. (Thinking it could be an interesting profile to have hardware and software PM skills for software enabled products)
4. Try to get a job as a Product Manager in another category in a larger company
5. Other?

Thanks in advance for your feedback, I know there are many variables to choosing next career steps, and often it choses you, but would love to hear what you have to say based on the above information.
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