Where to Find Unique Gender Neutral Hand Towels
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Hey. I'm a bachelor with disposable income and no possessions. I need hand towels. Are there awesome ones online?

BUT it'd be nice if they weren't boring target hand towels. So has anyone seen any unique hand towels on the internet that might appeal to a guy? Are there such a thing as high quality hand towels? Where do adults buy hand towels?

I've seen embroidered hand towels. Most embroidered hand towels have flowers or kid designs on them, though. Has anyone seen embroidered hand towels with more gender neutral design?

I've seen monogrammed hand towels, but I'm really not the kind of guy who monograms things.

I've seen novelty, star wars, et cetera hand towels, but I'm pushing 30 so I think it's time for a more "adult" vibe.

I've seen zazzle.com but I'm not sure how high quality there print, super customizable hand towels are.
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Best answer: Google 'peshtemal towel' -- I have ordered some sets from this eBay seller to very good end -- on first glance I don't see smaller ones, but the smaller and thinner (and: cheaper) ones there would easily fold up into the right size. They really do dry one off very well, and they are very satisfying things to have after years of swearing at washing machines for becoming unbalanced because of terrycloth globs. Also: quite pretty to look at.
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Best answer: seconding kmennie - I love love love my fouta towels. I have a few of these hand/guest towels in brown and they are very neutral and grown-up looking without being boring. They are two years old and with heavy use they still look brand new, and if anything they are even softer and nicer now. I became an addict and replaced my bath towels with these, too.
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I wasn't aware that hand towels were gendered...?

Most people who want a more adult vibe with their linens pick one subtle color and buy a matching set. I personally don't like to spend a lot on this stuff, so I buy mine at IKEA.

But you can also buy them at department stores. Bed Bath & Beyond is also a good place to look. I also like West Elm for this, but their styles change over time so you would have a hard time getting matching replacements as needed.

I like white for towels, because it makes them easier to wash*, goes with everything, and always looks elegant.

YMMV on peshtemals. I would not order them online sight unseen. I've traveled in Turkey, and ended up picking up a peshtemal as a souvenir. They work significantly differently from traditional Western towels and aren't to everyone's liking. It's also worth noting that peshtemals are not "hand towels" and don't come in hand towel sizes. Get a peshtemal if you want to try it out, but that's not a real answer for what you're asking in this question.

* If you get all white towels, you can wash all your towels together (and maybe some other linens as well), run the load on hot, and use bleach as needed.
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They aren't unique looking, but I'd recommend the towels from Restoration Hardware. Thick and most importantly very absorbent.
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Best answer: I don't know if these are too novelty for you, but I'll vouch for them being cool and gender-neutral.
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You're pretty much the target demographic for Restoration Hardware. The towels are nice, too.
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If I were starting over and had the cash to do so, I'd totally collect these. They are so elegant. I'm crazy about the kitchen linens, too. They are expensive but they last and are very special.
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IKEA make these - the fish is my fave.
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The mrs. here. If you've got the money, japanese brand Uchino might fit the bill for quality, uniqueness, and good looks. I'm coveting this traditional wave indigo pattern.
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don't come in hand towel sizes

They do! There are a number of Etsy shops with peshtemals; here's one with hand towel sizes.
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I love our peshtemal hand towels! West Elm has some decent ones too - Hammam Stripe Hand Towels.
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