Dessert recipe needing no refrigeration and easy to travel with?
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I am attending a barbecue this weekend and have volunteered to bring an awesome dessert. Difficulty level: I will be traveling 2 hours by car the day before to get to where the barbecue is and spending that day and the next doing something else, I will have no access to refrigeration for at least 8-12 hours at a time for those 2 days before the barbecue, assume I will not be able to do anything much in terms of last-minute preparation (like whipping cream immediately before serving), no fruit please. I will need to prepare it Thursday night to serve Saturday night. I am a reasonably experienced cook.

TL:DR: please give me your best dessert recipes meeting the following criteria:
- easy to travel with by car
- needs no refrigeration
- no fruit
- super yummy
- cookie recipes are a-ok as long as they are awesome, it doesn't have to be fancy, just yummy!
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I make blondies, which are super-easy, are a nice twist on brownies, and you can put just about anything you like inside, in lieu of the chocolate or butterscotch chips.
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A tray of Baklava

or maybe something like this syrup cake. (yogurt as a side may be an issue for you though?)

Oops - they all have fruit - sorry!
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Whenever I need a showstopper dessert, I turn to smitten kitchen. I've made a TON of desserts from her blog and I've never been anything but wildly happy with the results. For your current purposes, some type of brownie is probably your best bet; these peanut butter brownies are seriously calling to me right now.
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A well executed pound cake is a thing of beauty and according to The Kitchn doesn't need to be refrigerated.
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Seriously, I think homemade chocolate chip cookies were made for this occasion. Who doesn't love them?
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Brownies and biscotti.

This is a possibility if you want something more forky, Texas sheet cake:
I think the frosting will be okay though you could always go with simple buttercream (butter, icing sugar).

Cherry Slab pie:
Drizzle with icing sugar glaze before serving.

These oatmeal cookies with brown butter frosting are to die, the praline topping is not even absolutely needed:
Can assemble at destination or have people smother their own with the frosting.

Some combo of the above?

Cut any of the sheet/pan desserts on site. I'd probably frost on site too the brownies or the sheet cake.
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Baklava! It doesn't need to be refrigerated, and if you do it right people will love it!
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Baklava or caramel slice. For the latter, I use this recipe, often subbing finely ground walnuts for the coconut because I always have walnuts and only sometimes have coconut. Cut it into tiny pieces and keep it in an airtight container.
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Seconding the Smitten Kitchen brownies. I love what she calls her favorite brownies, but the salted caramel brownies are a bit showier, while still being easy to make. I've made them once and kept them on the counter in a hotter than average apartment and didn't have any issues with melting, so I bet they'd be fine on a road trip. And they were still delicious 2-3 days later.
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I usually break out my favorite peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe for things like this.
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Rum cake. Super easy.
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You will want to make the rum cake 2-3 days ahead so that it gets extra delicious.

Follow directions for any rum cake's normally cake mix, eggs, oil, water, pudding mix, splash of rum, crushed walnuts or pecans for top of cake. Bundt pan. Bake cake, cool, do not remove cake from pan.

Ignore the typical glaze recipe...for the glaze you melt two sticks of butter, 1/3 to 2/3 cup of sugar, rum. You melt the butter in a pain with the sugar, let it get bubbly/foamy looking, take it off the heat, add some 1/4-1/2 cup of rum. Let that sit for a couple minutes. Pour glaze evenly over the cake which is still in the cake pan. Wait a few hours and dump the cake on a plate and put it in a cake saver or just keep it in the well covered bundt pan.
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I had a similar situation about a year ago & everybody was so happy that I brought homemade caramel corn, because it's the perfect thing to eat while drinking beer. Bonus you can jazz it up with additions like citrus fruit (I grated orange zest and used 1/3 cup juice in the caramel), bourbon, cardamon/cinnamon, etc.
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Fancy pants rice crispy treats!
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Google Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread. Made with Guinness. Insanely good and better after a day or two. Trust me.
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If you want to make your caramel corn even better, mix a bunch of macademia nuts in the carmel before mixing it into the popcorn.
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Barbecue, as in, there will be some sort of fire outside? S'mores would be a fun choice. (We used to toast marshmallows over the coals of a grill all the time when I was a kid, doesn't need to be a fire fire.)
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Another vote for caramel slice. Easy to make, keeps well at room temp, amazingly decadent. For transporting, cut them in squares and put wax paper or parchment paper between layers of bars in whatever container you're using to carry them.
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Homemade toffee--you can wrap it nicely as individual servings. Or depending on the crowd, bacon peanut brittle would keep.
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I think I'm going to make rum cake. Looks amazing. Is the chocolate version better, or the vanilla?

Thanks all, I will be coming back to this thread in future to try more of your suggestions!
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Late getting back on the answer but I prefer chocolate...more specifically devil's food. Yellow cake is nice too. Lemon is also delicious if you like lemon.
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