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My best friend in the entire world got me this adorable Harry Potter poster. I want to frame it.

The poster itself is 11'' by 14'', and so far all the Harry Potter frames I've seen online have been 5x7 or 4x6. :(

Help? I'm looking for something Hogwarts or Hufflepuff related, or, alternatively, an equally cute, nerdy option... I dunno, like a caution tape frame? Or something like this?

The killer so far seems to be the size of the print itself. :(
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They usually have odd sizes at hobby lobby or wal mart. imho a busy frame detracts from the print, but you could get a plain oneand put Harry potter stickers or foam shapes on?
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11x14 is a totally standard print size. Go to your favorite not politically repugnant craft supply store and pick up an 11x14 frame.

If you wanted to make the frame HP themed in some way, what about getting a neutral frame in the color of your choice and embellishing it with some Potterian designs? I'm imagining lightning bolts a la Harry's scar, but I don't know, maybe there's some specifically Hufflepuffish thing? Maybe you could affix the Hogwarts heraldry in some way?

The problem you're running into here is that you're looking at small photo frames, which is a totally different type of thing than what people typically use to frame posters.
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What about this frame?

couldn't resist finding something in order to comment on this post
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Or staple it to a broomstick..?
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Get any black wooden frame that you fancy at a craft store. While you're there, get some sort of small yellow flowers, as appropriate both for the width of your frame and your personal level of craft skill. Hufflepuff is the only house at the garden level of Hogwarts, and Prof Sprout is Head of House. Also cute with the "tuff" idea.

Rubber flower stamp + yellow enamel
Yellow foam + flower template + exacto knife + superglue
Tiny yellow faux flowers + glue gun
A good brush + pigment-heavy yellow paint + spray varnish
Flower stencil + yellow stipple paint + stipling brush + spray varnish

If you don't want this on the frame, get a bigger frame and a mat board to go inside of it around the poster, and do your crafty thing on the mat board.
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Just buy a cheap frame and mat...paint the frame hufflepuff house colors. You may be able to find some badger related doodads in the scrapbooking or jewelry depts to stick to the frame.
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Here's a black and gold antique frame, which suits a lot of Harry Potter stuff but your print is not at all antique-looking. That website has a few other options, but I had to use google site-search since I can't see a criteria for frames. Here's some choices:

Old frame
Proclamation frame

All these frames have choices of sizes, and 11x17 is not one of the choices. You'd have to get 24x19.6 and use a mat.
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Former framer here.

I doubt that you will find a frame in a Harry Potter or other novelty style in the size you need. 8x10 is the largest I ever saw.

I think your best bet is to go on Etsy and find somebody who makes novelty frames in a style you like and request a custom order for the size you need. 11x14 is a standard frame size, so you won't have any problems there. Here are a few Harry Potter themed options.

The other option is like others have said, embellishing a frame yourself. If you're even remotely crafty it would be super easy to stripe a frame or add stickers and then clear coat it.
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