D-Link Compatible With IBM Thinkpad 600X
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I own a IBM Thinkpad 600X. Would anyone know whether a D-Link 32 bit Ethernet Bus Card would be compatible with this laptop? Thanks.
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I assume its a PC Card / PCMIA ethernet adapter? If so, it probably depends on your OS. If your running Linux, apparently it can be tricky getting PCMCIA to work correctly, but then nothing is easy on Linux with laptops ;)
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Yes, you're laptop is certainly new enough that it'll definitely have CardBus support.
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Oh crap, scratch that. The answer is no. CardBus does not work with PCMCIA. There might be USB adapters or something if your lucky.
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I'll shut up now then, i've clearly had not enough coffee yet.
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I'm not sure what Alexst is on about. CardBus is a feature that some (most) PCMCIA slots have. In any case, the specs for the 600x explicitly mention CardBus support:
PC Card
The Type III slot accommodates either two Type I, two Type II, or one Type III PC card. The slot supports the CardBus adapters(8) PC card and the Zoomed Video (ZV) adapter.
Just about all CardBus slots are 32-bit, so you're fine in that area too.
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Sorry, I totally missed the bit where it was a CardBus card (the 32-bits should of made me realise it) so then I suddenly realised it was CardBus, and thought the laptop didn't have CardBus support (it wasn't mentioned on the spec list I read) and hence thought it wouldn't work.

Just ignore me, cillit bang is right, it'll probably work fine :)
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Hello fellow old-school Thinkpad owner (love 'em!).

I have a 600X, and I use (when I'm not using the wireless card, that is):

CNet CNF401 100/10 Mbps Fast Ethernet Cardbus Adapter

I'm assuming you didn't care too much about the manufacturer, just the card type?

My wireless adapter card is made by D-Link, though, and it works great.
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