Is there good free software for a Wiki-like purpose?
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My company is growing, and knowledge between hardware/software/science etc. is getting too dispersed. I want us to start keep it all together in a searchable and detailed Wiki. But Wikis are boring and too austere. Yammer was suggested to me, but it isn't cheap (18$/month/user), nor do I really know whether it's worth it.

any other suggestions?

Ideally, free or one time payment or something. Intuitive, organized, searchable. Anything else to consider?
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It's not free but we use Confluence and it has a social component!

It's $1 per user, or less depending on how many of you there are.

Check it out, it's nifty!
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Asana is wonderful for this, very intuitive and a nice UI.
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I've used Confluence and Xwiki at work, and definitely prefer Confluence.
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Would Trello or Google Sites work?

I believe they are both free.
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Sounds like you don't want to self-host, but if you do, DokuWiki is very good for this purpose, and easier to setup and use than MediaWiki.
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Dokuwiki is awesome for this. It doesn't have a database backend, but instead uses text files -- so the administration is pretty light.‎
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Thanks guys! Going with Doku
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