Webcam Problem....Device Manager Sees it as a USB Video Device
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Seriously if I knew this was the story - wouldn't have gotten a brand new webcam today. But so here it is - Livecam VX800 - uninstalled, reinstalled - and as a plug and play install for *New Hardware* (XP) is not recognizing it as a webcam - but as *USB Audio Device* Then when I check it in Device Manager under Imaging Devices, it's a *USB video device*.

I can't install the drivers because they're not getting installed in System32 or in Drivers. When I downloaded the driver software - 4x - and installing it - it shows up as *NO CAMERA DETECTED ON THIS COMPUTER*.

The webcam itself works in Skype and another application. All XP updates, etc. have been installed. Just as a side note - I actually thought my other webcam was broken because I got the same exact message so I just went out and got another webcam (both Microsoft) I didn't think for a second it could be some kind of hardware/software conflict. Now there are 2 cameras that aren't working the way they should. :/

Anyone help? Thank you!
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How aren't your cameras working? You said it works in Skype and another application. What do you want to do that you are unable to do? Also, you're using Windows XP which is about to be EOLed...does the camera come with XP drivers?
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It came with no drivers. I'm trying to get it to work with the software - LifeCam - like the previous camera I had.
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From looking at Microsoft's site, that camera doesn't come with the LifeCam software and isn't compatible with it. The VX1000, however, is, and comes with it. You can try downloading it from here but I strongly doubt that it'll work.
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It didn't. I tried. A few times. I'm cool with not using the Microsoft software - it just throws a hickey into the system. OK...maybe someone else will chime in with something...
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Well, what else are you looking to do with your webcam? You need to specify, as you didn't even mention the Lifecam software in your original post. The camera sounds like it's working as it should, so you need to mention what you'd like to do with it that you are unable to do; maybe someone will have software suggestions for you.
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Basically I wanted to install it with the drivers - thing is it's just not installing and this is something that not only XP users are experiencing with the OEL - but Windows 7 and Vista as well. After that - to use any decent software to make either webcasts or chat.
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It doesn't have or need drivers. It is indeed a USB video and audio device and is being recognized properly. Hopefully that helps a bit!
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I just thought Device Manager would recognize it as LifeCam or at least a webcam....high hopes. OK - thank you :))
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Basically, it doesn't need drivers for the same reason USB based storage devices (i.e. flash drives, external hard drives) or keyboards and mice don't need drivers. If the device conforms to a certain type of usb device class then it will 'just work'. However some usb devices do require drivers to work because the device manufacturer wanted to do something special with the device. Lifecams seem to have buttons on them that perform extra actions than a bland webcam supports and maybe it does other things as well. Or maybe Microsoft just didn't want non-Lifecams to to work with the Lifecam software so the Lifecam itself operated as a hardware dongle. It's harder to pirate software if you need the corresponding hardware to use it.
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