How to sign a check online, using iPad or iPhone?
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The CEO of a small business that is one of my clients insists on "signing all the checks" – he likes to keep an eye on everything that is being purchased and all money that is being spent. The accounting department would like to help modernize the process, and he's on board with signing them online, using a touch screen device. (He wants to use his iPhone, he does have an iPad, too.)

He mentioned being able to sign his name at Farmer's Markets using Square and software like that.

Here my question:

Is there an easy service that allows an accounting department to present checks to a signer, so they can sign the checks online?

Ideally, the answers would include "yes, here's one we use for just this purpose!" I have googled and found some companies but they want me to sit through presentations and they do much more, so rather than invested that time, I'd love to know if this specific case is one that is available.
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Docusign has a mobile ap.

Would that work?
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If they are PDF format, SignNow works really well.
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Hey, so I just saw this today at one of the gawker sites ... scanbot. It's $1 today or this week, regular price is supposed to be 5$.

While the ability to sign a scanned item is there, the next question seems to be will your bank take it like that?
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