Where in the world is my clubhouse?
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I need to know the name of the street that this building (the big one in the center of the map, with the pool) is on. The number on the door is 1659, but there is no street sign, and neither google nor mapquest show the street name. (Actually, Mapquest doesn't even show the street). "What's here" in google maps gives 201-203 Mohegan Dr, which is close but not correct. Any ideas?
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Best answer: Could it be a Rankokus Drive address? There is a community association listed at 1659 Rankokus (or Rankous) Drive, is that it?
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Best answer: It looks like 1659 Rankous Drive.
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Best answer: Bing agrees. Rankous Dr
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Best answer: Oh, and here is the health department listing for the pool. (PDF).
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Best answer: Yeah this map shows Google Maps' unlabeled street as Rankokus Drive, and shows Minqua Street going all the way to Mohegan Drive.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone!
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If you are giving many people directions to a place, I highly recommend using Google Map Maker to edit the map. You can move the marker for a specific address, add a place name, and after your change is reviewed, all Google Maps users will see it and use it for navigation. I would have done it myself except I'm not sure what the place should be called ("Greenway Farms Clubhouse"?).

It's important to do this early since it takes time for the change to be reviewed.
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