Help with stupid Win XP problem?
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There a stupid bug in Win XP, which means that it forgets how you have a folder formatted to look. Apparently it can only remember 50 or so folders, so if you change 51 folders, the first folder you changed gets reset. And so on. Anyone know a way around this, as it's driving me mad..
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are you talking about icons or remembering the organization structure?
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I think he means the display configuration: sorting, icon size, etc, that you can have Windows Explorer remember on a per-folder basis. I never use it, so I never realized there was a limit.

Ascullion, you could always get a Windows Explorer replacement. I've never tried any, so I can't really suggest one in particular.
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Best answer: TweakUI. Explorer > Customisations > Folders to remember
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You can configure the number of customized folders Explorer should remember with the TweakXP powertoy. Set it to as high as you like. However, the default value was probably chosen for performance reasons so don't go wild.

I tend to come up with a default setting that I like and use the "Set all folders to this" button. That way most folders show up the way I want, and I only have to change that in a few cases. If you find that you're constantly changing the layout then you should consider modifying the default instead.
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Best answer: I've done quite a bit of research on this. The fixes I've applied have only been marginally successful on my most recent work machine, but they've worked on others.

Here's the fix from Microsoft.

Here's a reg fix from Kelly's Corner. Save the file, double-click, and choose to import the reg settings. Here's another reg change for saving settings on exit, which my research said might help.

Good luck with this one--if it sticks, it can be a bear.
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as a slight aside from this, would anyone know how you change the default appearanc efor new folders in XP - I would like to default to details if possible.
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sorry for my premature posting of the previous question, I have found the answer, for anyone interested you can find it here:
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The registry value in that Microsoft KB article is the same thing that TweakUI modifies under the "Number of customizations to remember" setting.
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Response by poster: Thanks for everyone's help with this, I think I've got it sorted..
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