What game jam games are the jam?
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What are some examples of high quality, fun, innovative, genre bending [video]games that have been the direct end result of a game jam/hackathon? Please specify the title as well as the platform.
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The Ludum Dare jams are certainly worth investigating. I highly recommend looking at the Top Compo pages for each of the jams (listed on the right hand side of this page: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/

Just a few (of the literally hundreds(thousands?)):

16 x 16 Zelda
Titan Souls - currently being developed into a full title
The Gods Will Be Watching - currently being developed into a full title
Evoland - Was developed into a full retail title
Ore Chasm
You Must Escape
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Don't Starve (PC, PS4)
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Officially released today, Goat Simulator is the #1 top seller on Steam and it was originally developed as part of the Global Game Jam. Perhaps not entirely "high quality", but definitely fun!
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I remembered this article I read about the design of Bowl or Die! from MolyJam 2012. I think it's a great concept (Survival Horror meets Bowling, with the bowling ball being your only source of light).
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