Need Excellent Host Gift for Party/Mini-Film Fest
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A couple we really like is hosting a mini film festival at their place celebrating the films of Paul Bartel. I always like to bring a host/hostess gift and I'd like to bring something thematically appropriate, but I mostly only know Bartel from his acting. These are great people I don't see much anymore and I'd like to come correct, ya know? $30-ish budget or less. Any ideas?
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Wow. These are incredibly awesome people that I wish I knew!

I can't think of a single Bartel-related item that would be hostess gift appropriate not owned by a Bartel fan (but CHOPPING MALL beanies and EATING RAOUL cutting boards are things that exist out there).

The silliest but best movie buff gift my husband has gotten was the Whirley Pop - a stovetop popcorn popper that makes movie-theater style popcorn and it's around $25-30 + a bag of popcorn and peanut oil.
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It's not Bartel-themed, but this book is a great movie-themed hostess gift. Someone brought it to my house for a film party and we spent half the night trying to guess the films, instead of watching our own.
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