Is there a way to hide a specific emoticon in a web forum?
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I read a forum that uses emoticons a lot, and there is a specific one I'd like to hide. I don't mind the rest, so a solution that excludes/disables that single file would be preferred. However if there are only ways to hide them all, I'm open to that, too. I'd prefer solutions compatible with Chrome and OSX 10.9.2, but I use other browsers and operating systems as well, so all suggestions are helpful.

I assume this is something an add-on or extension could help me with, but that's about as far as I could get. The kinds of terms I searched for (disable emoticon, hide smiley, exclude image file) were just too generic to get decent results. I also assume I'll need the filename, which I should be able to get from the metadata (?), or else I could reach out to the forum host and likely get a response.
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Firefox's adblock has always worked for me. I am pretty sure Chrome has something similar.
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It would be trivially easy to create a rule to do this for Proxomitron.

It's not an add-on or extension, it's a proxy. It runs on a PC and sits between the browser and the internet, and applies various rules you set up to modify the text stream going both ways. Among other things, that means it's an ad-blocker.
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Ad Block Plus for Chrome will allow you to block specific items on a page/site. It's a little clunky though. You have to click on the icon in the toolbar after install and then select block element then choose the graphic that you want to get rid of.

Proxomitron will do the job too; I find ABP easier for users to work with.
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Chrome user here. I just popped over to SomethingAwful's forums, since they use a ton of emoticons, and tried Adblock Plus on it and it seems to work fine.

Right clicked on an emoticon, clicked on the ABP 'block element' and text appears to 'add a filter' based on the gif that the emoticon translates to. So long as the emoticon is translated by the forum you're talking about into a actual graphical element, you should be able to block the gif/png using ABP. I know Mac users can't right click, but you should be able to get the static URL of the graphical element and add it as a blocking filter in ABP.
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Response by poster: I have ABP installed and didn't even think of it for this purpose—perfect! Proxomitron is new to me, so I will check that out, too. Thanks, all!
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If you can read the forum on the Tapatalk app, it seems to hide most emoticons.
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