Help locate the painting in the background of an image.
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Here is the image. It's 100% safe for work, as it's a cute dog. We're trying to find out a little more about the painting in the background. A reddit thread had a comment from the purported OP saying "The title is Eve. Bought at an art show in Bellingham, WA. Can't remember the artist's name, and can't decipher from the signature, sorry" Does it look familiar to anyone at all? The colors would be great in the living room.
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Do a search in Etsy for "female nude painting" and you get lots of similar results. (Careful not to pay too much for "giclee prints" (which are just computer-printed reproductions of paintings).
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I did search through Etsy a few minutes ago, and found a few sort of similar results, but we're attempting to locate the specific one.

For all I know, it's something that was on sale at Fred Meyer or IKEA or somewhere like that and it's easily available.
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If it actually was painted and sold in Bellingham, why not contact the Whatcom Art Guild and see if anyone there recognizes it or if they would be willing to forward the image to their members? If it means a sale for an artist, I think they'd be happy to help (and can probably make a glicee of the image for you even if the original is sold).
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Thanks! I just sent them an email. Never heard of that art guild before, but hopefully they can help. :)
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Emails to them have all bounced. Trying Facebook now.
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