Ecommerce solution for one-time payments to a website?
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I'm one of the owners of a site with job postings, and we need an easy payment solution to let users pay us to post.

It's a PHP website. FastSpring is out, they've told us they don't accept job sites. We'd like to accept credit cards definitely, paypal maybe. We don't need anything complicated, we just need something simple that will let us get up and running as soon as possible. The probable work flow is:
1. Users go to post a job page.
2. There's an option to do a paid post that reaches more people.
3. If they select it, they're presented with the payment options, etc.
4. Once they pay their money, they can post with premium settings.

We may later want to allow some kind of subscriptions too.
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Stripe. Does all you need, easy to integrate.
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I don't have personal experience, but everyone hates PayPal. seems to have a better reputation. Stripe seems to be the hot kid on the block, that's probably what I'd use.
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