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I have some important (personal) documents that need to be printed (Tax Return, Auto Insurance Cards), and I would rather not drive all the way to Kinkos. Are there any online services that will print relatively small documents (1-8 pages) and mail them to me?

I did a little searching and found a lot of websites that will print documents, but these all seem geared towards business printing needs (fliers, posters, business cards, etc). I just want to print one or two documents and have them mailed to me.

It seems like I should be able to do this for a relatively modest amount, maybe $1-2 a document depending on the length. Fed-ex seems to offer the service, but when I priced it out (for delivery) it was really expensive. I also looked into, which was also expensive for just a few pages.
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Be careful printing your tax return through such a service. I'd prefer as few people have access to my SSN as possible.
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Staples does this but the shipping is where you are going to see the price hit. They charge $0.05/page plus around $9 shipping.

Shipping (logically) is the same cost for 10 pages as 250 pages.
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This sounds like a task better suited to local (or internet) friends, than a business. Thinking of all the little steps involved, and billing time for all of that, even if someone is an hourly employee of a large company. Even moreso for sensitive documents that you don't want to have copied and misused before it gets to you.

Shipping alone costs a few dollars, unless you're looking to have it folded up and put in a typical envelope. I just looked up the cost to ship a large envelope via USPS from New Mexico to the East Coast, and it's $1.82.

If you really don't know where to look to local or internet friends, you could post this to MetaFilter Projects.
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I think flt means metafilter jobs, not projects!
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Maybe TaskRabbit?
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Is your local library closer? If they have a computer lab, you may be able to do it there for about 20 cents/page.
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I think flt means metafilter jobs, not projects!

Yes, thanks for the correction.
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Best answer: I've used Postful in the past to print and mail one-off documents when I was on the road without a printer, as it saved me the time and trouble of finding both a local print outlet and a post office. They are now part of Click2Mail. While I haven't used them in this new incarnation, the prices look similarly reasonable.
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I'll do it for you! PM me.
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