Upside down guitarist?
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Who's the guy who played guitar upside down...

I'm not talking Albert King style, with a left handed guy playing a guitar strung right-handed. I'm talking about putting the headstock on the floor, kneeling down, and resting the guitar body against your shoulder. Being a guitar teen back in the 80s, I remember seeing an ad of such a guy near the front of "Guitar for the Practicing Musician" magainze. I think he played G&L guitars. His first name might have been Chet. If you remember this ridiculous advertisement, thank you for scratching this particular mental itch of mine.
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Phil Collen?
posted by fvw at 5:56 PM on October 22, 2005

Hellion - Screams in the Night

Chet Thompson: "Upside Down Guitar Solo" 1:09
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Sorry, I meant: Phil Collen? I don't know of the ad you mentioned though.
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mischief wins! I thought it was Chet Thompson actually, but my google-fu wasn't working well enough I guess. If someone can find a picture of the ad, I'd be eternaly grateful. Thanks for the Hellion name, that will help with Google.
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You're welcome.
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There have been several left-handed guitar players who play normally-strung guitars; maybe dozens. You're lucky yours was famous for it.
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KG, I think you didn't read the question all the way through. 2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence.
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