Help me remember the name of this short story.
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I read a short story a few years ago that involved a white couple living in post-colonial Africa. I think it might have been Rhodesia, but I'm not positive about that. The couple lived in a once-grand, now decaying estate and had to deal with an act of violence. I remember reading it on my commute to work, so it was likely in a magazine. I've searched the New Yorker archives and can't seem to find it there, but the Atlantic is another possibility. Does this ring any bells?
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Could it have been a review of the documentary, "Mugabe and the White Farmer?"

"Mugabe and the White African, much of which was filmed clandestinely, tells an alarming story from one of the world’s most troubled nations. In Zimbabwe, de facto dictator Robert Mugabe has unleashed a "land reform" program aimed at driving whites from the country through violence and intimidation. One proud “white African,” however, has challenged Mugabe with human rights abuses under international law. The courage Michael Campbell and his family display as they defend their farm — in court and on the ground — makes for a film as inspiring as it is harrowing. "
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It's a movie, but White Material has similar themes.
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Or..."How to Kill a Country," in The Atlantic, 2003?
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It was definitely a work of fiction, but I recall it being very similar to the premise of Mugabe and the White Farmer.
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Disgrace, by Coetzee?
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I remember the movie version of Doris Lessing's "The Grass is Singing."

"The novel begins with a cutting from newspaper article about the death of Mary Turner. It says that Mary Turner, a white woman, was killed by her black servant Moses for money. The author of the article is unknown. The news actually acts like an omen for other white people living in that African setting. After looking at the article, people behave as if the murder was very much expected. The plot of the novel shifts to a flashback of Mary Turner's past life up to her murder at the hand of Moses in the next chapter."
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Something by Nadine Gordimer?
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It's not short fiction, but this sounds vaguely like Hilary Mantel's novel A Change of Climate.
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Could it have been something by Alexandra Fuller?
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Could it have been an excerpt from the novel Disgrace, or a review of the film Disgrace?
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Could it be a short story in the New Yorker, entitled Kilifi Creek, by Lionel Schriver?
It wasn't too long ago, but it featured a white couple facing conflict, but not of their own making. Indeed, the couple themselves are somewhat secondary to the larger story.

Good luck! Let us know what you find out!
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