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Recently I watched the comedy "Terrorism and Kebab" (Al-irhab wal kabab) on YouTube and fell in love with Adel Imam's acting. I desperately want to watch "The Terrorist" (El Irhabi) but I can't find it with English subtitles. Where can I find it? (I'd be happy to buy it). Also, I'd love to hear recommendations on other Adel Imam movies (or similar comedy films) that are readily available with subtitles. Thanks!
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Best answer: For a DVD you could try here, but, bizarrely, they only seem to have al-Irhab wal-Kabab out of all Adel Imam's zillions of films:


You could write/call and ask them, though—they may be able to give you a lead somewhere else.

Shame that there don't appear to be subtitles on http://www.adelimamfilm.com/, even though the site is available in English.
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